PART 5 Writing Assignment

In this assignment, you will write an essay on the topic of ‘Body Language’, which you can choose the sub-topic according to the topic suggested. The essay should contain at least two sub-topics from the suggested websites. Therefore, you have to read the content from the website, make the outlines, and write the one-paragraph summary for supporting the main idea in the body part of the essay. Follow the following steps. When you have finished, do the self-editing and peer-editing. Remember that you need to write a well-organized easy with unity and coherence.


Step 1 Read the information you are interested according to the websites selected. Choose at least two topics which you will contain in your essay.
Step 2 Make an outline of the topics you read. Then write the one-paragraph summaries. Follow the steps in the outlining and summarizing process in Part 2 and 3.
Step 3 Draw an outline of the topic you are interested in writing an essay. Follow the steps in the outlining process in the practice of Part 2 on page 9-10.
Step 4 Write the essay from the outline you prepared. The essay includes at least two topics you chose to read and summarize.
Step 5 Do the self-editing. Revise your essay and write a second draft if necessary
Step 6 Do the peer-editing. Exchange papers with a classmate and check each other’s essays. Discuss it and decide what changes you should make.
Step 7 Revise your essay and write a final copy to hand in, making any improvements you discussed with your peer editor.
Step 8 Hand in your outline of the topics you read and write, your one-paragraph summaries, your first and second drafts via my e-mail

Sub-topics and websites suggestions

how to read body language signs and gestures

Body Language: Understanding Non-Verbal Communication

How to Make a Good Impression Through Body Language:

Difficult meetings and defensiveness

The Body Language of Disengagement—from Head to Toes–from-Head-to-Toes.aspx


Interviews and negotiations, and reflection

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