Outlining is a “plan” for your paper systematically, which clearly organizes the content of reading passage in order of priority. Outlining will separate the main idea and the supporting idea with numbers, letters, and indentation.

  1. Main idea
    1. Be on the left of the paper
    2. Indicated by Roman numerals
  2. Main supporting ideas
    1. Indent the line from main idea
    2. Indicated by capital letters (A, B, C, …)
  3. Sub-supporting ideas
    1. Indent the line from main supporting ideas
    2. Indicated by Arabic numerals
  4. The detail of sub-supporting ideas
    1. Indent the line from sub-supporting ideas
    2. Indicated by lowercase letters

Outlining helps you to organize your thoughts and arguments. A good outline can make conducting research and then writing the paper very efficiently.

Example 1:


Example 2:


Outline practice

Read the following passage and answer the questions or do as directed.

Researchers have found that parents view boy babies and girl babies differently as early as the first week of life. Little girls are said to be unlike boys in both facial characteristics and personality. Boy babies are usually bigger than girl babies and are actually described stronger as and more alert than little girls. On the other hand, little girls are seen as sweeter, gentler and more passive than little boys. Although two infants may look alike or be equally fragile, parents handle boy babies with less care than the girls.

Which statement best explains how boys and girls are treated differently?

    1. Girls are fragile; Boys are strong.
    2. Girls and boys look alike but different.
    3. Boys are bigger than girls.
    4. Parents handle boys more roughly than girls.

Click here to answer.

  1. Study the outline notes, and complete the following outline.

Title: ________________________________________________________________

Main idea: ____________________________________________________________

Supporting details:



According to the context “Understanding Non Verbal Communication Cues”, write out its title, main idea and make an outline for it.

Main idea: _________________________________________________________________

Supporting detail:

A: _________________________________________________________________


B: _________________________________________________________________


C: _________________________________________________________________



Send the outline of both via my e-mail:

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