As you read the following article, think about the answer to this question: How important is non verbal communication? Then do the activities following the reading.

 Understanding Non Verbal Communication Cues





People can say a lot without every opening their mouths through the form of non verbal communication. Non verbal communication is simply the way of communicating with others without speaking. This communication can be done through gestures, touch, facial expressions, body language, posture, or eye contact. Often, non verbal communication can give away a person’s real feelings, no matter what he or she is saying. While some people may be able to train themselves to control some gestures, some non verbal communication, such as pupil dilation, cannot be controlled. Non verbal communication is important in many ways.
  10 In the case of relationships, understanding non verbal communication can help someone know what his or her partner is really thinking. For example, if a woman tells her boyfriend she is happy going to a football game instead of shopping, but she is standing with her arms folded facing away from him, her body language clearly says she is not happy with the decision.
15 Non verbal communication can also be helpful in certain professions such as law enforcement. When the police bring in a suspect for questioning, they can often tell by non verbal communication if the suspect is telling the truth or lying. While this body language cannot be used in court, it can let the officers know they need to further investigate the suspect until they find out the truth.



Non verbal communication may also tell potential employers a lot about interviewees. If a Human Resources manager is interviewing a potential employee and wonders if he or she is telling the truth, shifty eye movement or nervous gestures will say a lot. Psychologists may be best at reading non verbal communication as they, perhaps more than any other professional, know non verbal communication down to the very slightest movement or gesture. Poker players also use non verbal communication to tell what types of cards other players are holding.
30 Non verbal communication is so important that there are several specialized fields within it. The study of body movement, gestures, and facial expressions is known as kinetics. The study of using touch as a part of non verbal communication, such as giving someone a high five, is known as haptics. Even the pitch and tone of one’s voice can give away their non verbal feelings. This is known as paralanguage.
35 Non verbal communication is a very interesting and highly studied field in which many psychiatrists and researchers have devoted their entire careers.

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